Welcome to an Imaginary Condo Furnished by Heywood-Wakefield

Welcome to an Imaginary Condo Furnished by Heywood-Wakefield

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Sometimes, here at Heywood-Wakefield, we like to sit down and Photoshop fantasy rooms all fancifully decked out with our furniture. 

See how blissed out that guy looks, and how peacefully his dog is lying there with him? That’s because they’re on the Madeline Collection Davenport Couch. It’s as luxurious as couches get, and its elegant mid-century modern look adds class and style to any living space. 

In this make-believe room, the couch is complemented by the Madeline Collection Club Chair, which offers the same lap-of-luxury experience and the same timeless yet distinctly mid-century modern vibe. The set—and the room—are given even more personality by this random guy’s selection of one of our livelier, fun retro upholstery patterns. If yours is a more muted sensibility, however, don’t worry; we have an extensive selection of fabrics for all points along the spectrum of taste.  

The centerpiece is Heywood-Wakefield’s Square Cocktail Table, a popular piece to which we recently added a small drawer for convenience. In this imaginary space of ours, the geometrical characteristics of the table—hallmarks of mid-century modern design—play off the other furniture, the area rug, and even the contemporary feel of the condo and its breathtaking urban vista. 

And then there’s the Skyliner, certainly an appropriate name to go with that view. That’s the small table next to the armchair. Its top surface, deep drawer, and open space underneath provide ample storage and display space relative to the piece’s minimal footprint. It’s a perfect item for a compact living space like this one, both practical and highly stylized without ever seeming obtrusive. 

We also like the way this area rug ties the space together, bridging retro and contemporary sensibilities, as well as the solid and busier upholstery patterns of the couch and armchair. It seems to meld perfectly with this urban home, too, and effectively defines this functional space in an open floor plan.

We invite you to click the links to learn more about the items pictured, and to spend a little time imagining how great they’d look in your own living room or den.

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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