Tips for Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home

Tips for Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home

Whether you still love the feel and smell of a printed book with paper pages, or you’ve gravitated toward a Kindle or other e-reader, it’s always a pleasure to have a designated place to read in your home. Not only does it feel nice, it can also help you focus on the material once your brain begins to associate the spot with reading. That can be a real benefit if you sometimes have trouble getting your mind to stop wandering back over work, your hectic day, or your long to-do list.

Creating a reading nook in your bedroom, den, living room, finished basement, or other space in your home isn’t complicated. All you really need is a comfy seat to sit in and adequate light. Of course, a little more goes into designing a reading nook that has some character, encourages relaxation, and truly feels like an escape from the world into your books.

How to Add a Reading Nook to a Room

  • Put your reading nook away from potential distractions like the TV, and try to have it in a room where people don’t hang at the times you tend to read.
  • If possible, have the reading nook in front of a window so you can read by natural light during the day (and maybe open the window and read with the caress of a gentle breeze when the weather is agreeable).
  • Delineate the space with an attractive area rug; you’ll also appreciate the added softness and warmth if you read barefoot and are adding a reading nook to a room with a hard floor surface.
  • Consider using a curtain, privacy screen, or some other type of room divider to add a sense of seclusion and to reduce distractions while you’re reading.
  • Choose a seat that’s comfortable but that provides good support, and perhaps include an ottoman so you can put your feet up and really unwind; something like our Margaret Collection Club Chair and Ottoman Combo is ideal for creating a reading nook that’s exceptionally comfortable and stylish.
  • Keep a throw blanket or afghan easily accessible so you can curl up under it and get cozy and warm while you read; fold it up and keep it on the back of the chair, or maybe keep it in a storage basket next to the chair if you have enough room.
  • Add good lighting that’s easy to position where you need it. A floor lamp behind the chair works well, or consider a lamp table next to your seat; this can double as a place to keep snack and/or beverage, and if you get one like our Lamp Table with Drawer, you also have a safe place to store books or an e-reader.
  • If you don’t use a lamp table, put an end table next to your chair if you want a convenient spot for drinks, food, and to keep your reading material; something simple like Heywood-Wakefield’s mid-century modern End Table works well.
  • Opt for calming colors like pale blues, soft greens, lavender, or neutrals like gentle grays or beige to contribute to a relaxing environment that’s conducive to unwinding and getting lost in a book; steer clear of reds, orange, yellow, and other bright or exciting hues.
  • Place a potted house plant or two in or near your reading nook to add some nature, which makes any space happier, more comfortable, and more tranquil.
  • Put a bookshelf in your reading nook so your reading material is always close at hand, and to establish a real reading atmosphere. We offer custom solid wood bookcases, so you can get one that’s a perfect fit for the space you have available.

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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