Simple Tips to Bring Nature into Your Home

Simple Tips to Bring Nature into Your Home

One of the most effective ways to create a happy, healthy indoor atmosphere is to bring nature into your home. Introducing natural elements into your living spaces help prevent feeling cut off from nature, which most of us have an inherent desire to connect with. This can be particularly important if you live in an urban environment.

There are lots of easy ways to bring nature into your home. Anyone can find options that complement their style and existing décor, and that fit their budget and other practical concerns. Take a look at the suggestions below for ideas you can implement, or even just for inspiration to take things in your own direction.

How to Incorporate Nature into Your Home

  • Add house plants to your rooms (just be sure to read up on how much watering they need—and how much light they need, and place them appropriately)
  • Fresh flowers or an indoor herb garden adds plenty of natural beauty, and they give off pleasant natural scents
  • Keep the windows open as much as possible to let fresh air in
  • Keep the window coverings open as much as possible, too, to maximize the natural light; other than in your bedroom, hang sheer curtains that let the light in even when they’re drawn
  • Furnish your home with natural solid wood furniture
  • Install a small fountain, water wall, or other water feature made for indoor use to add the relaxing sight and sound of gently running water
  • Choose fabrics made from natural fibers
  • Create a display using gemstones, rocks, or shells
  • Fill glass jars with different types of sand or sea salts; alternatively, buy or make terrariums with sand, pebbles, succulents, etc.
  • Purchase or make wall hangings or other decorative items from twigs, driftwood, wooden planks, etc.
  • Hang photos or paintings depicting appealing landscapes
  • Paint the walls (or even just an accent wall) in earth tones, and incorporate natural colors throughout your décor
  • Try some aromatherapy with candles, essential oil diffusers, or incense that give off pleasing natural scents

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