Simple Home Décor Tips for Filling a Large Wall

Simple Home Décor Tips for Filling a Large Wall

If you’re an enthusiastic decorator, a wall in your home can feel exciting, like a blank canvas. But anyone can get a bit intimidated by the prospect of filling a particularly large blank canvas. This is especially true in a living room or other public area that you may use for entertaining. So, we thought we’d share some tips for filling a large wall.

The key is striking a balance, where there’s not an awkward amount of empty space, but also not a cluttered or chaotic appearance. Of course, this can be somewhat subjective and relative to the broader context of the room. That means there are no hard-and-fast rules or measurements about spacing, negative space, etc.; you’ll have to rely on your own impression of how the wall works as part of the room in its entirety.

Still, here are some general tips for filling a large wall that can help you figure out how best to approach it.

Filling a Large Wall in Your Home

  • Consider wallpaper with a visually engaging but not overpowering pattern. This is a simple shortcut that can take a lot of the pressure off to cover up massive amounts of blank space.
  • Place one or more tall potted houseplants in front of the wall. It’s a great way to add some nature to your home, and it’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • Hang large paintings, photographs, or other art pieces and wall hangings. A few sizable pieces will fill the space more efficiently and with a less cluttered appearance than lots of smaller ones.
  • Mount floating shelves. These are an excellent way to fill space in any customized arrangement you like. There’s plenty of flexibility to place and distance the shelves to cover more wall with the same amount of decorative items as you would have on a traditional shelf unit.
  • Hang a big rug or other textile on the wall. As with wallpaper, this can be a simple way to add colors and patterns for visual interest without relying on a bunch of items.
  • Place a long table in front of the wall and top it with tall items of varying height, keeping them spaced apart a bit.

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