Replacement Feet for Vintage Heywood-Wakefield Furniture

Replacement Feet for Vintage Heywood-Wakefield Furniture

Quite often we hear from people who have vintage Heywood-Wakefield items that are missing the feet. Heywood-Wakefield used this one design for a wide variety of items, and we are pleased to announce that these can now be purchased directly from us.

The original foot was attached with two screws that fit through pre-drilled channels in the foot. Consequently, any vintage piece that is missing the foot will have two holes already drilled into the bottom of the cabinet. We strive to manufacture our feet so that no new holes have to be drilled in order to attach them; in most cases the holes in our replacement foot line right up with the original holes, but please be aware that in some instances it might prove necessary to pre-drill a new “pilot” hole, as it is impossible to guarantee the fit 100% of the time due to the age of the original piece and to considerations of stretching, wear-and-tear, damage, etc.

Also, the thread in the original holes can be striped or otherwise loosened; after all, these holes are drilled directly into the wooden underside of the item, and wood can wear and stretch. To compensate for this, we ship our replacement foot with #12 screws, a size larger than the original #10 that was used in the past. This will guarantee a tight fit once the screws are inserted. Here’s a word on how to do this.

Hold the foot so that the holes in it line up with the screw-holes in the cabinet. Insert the first screw and tighten it just part-way, then line up and insert the second screw, tightening this one part-way as well. Even if they are a fraction off-center, once both screws are “started” in the original holes, these new larger screws will pull them in correctly as you tighten them the rest of the way. Using a hand-held power screw-gun is recommended.

As with all our replacement parts, these feet are engineered to be as close as possible to the originals, and by machining them on the CNC Router, we achieve a very high degree of consistency of shape and size. As always, they are shipped without a finish so that you can match them to your existing vintage piece, however we will apply our standard Amber finish at no extra cost if requested. A partial list of vintage Heywood-Wakefield pieces that use this foot follows.

Pieces that Use Our Replacement Foot

This is a partial list of vintage Heywood-Wakefield pieces that use the replacement foot we can provide.

  • All Encore Bedroom pieces with a three-digit “M” prefix (M 532, M 529, M 538, M 518 Night Stand, etc.)
  • M 321, M 322, M 326 Bookcases
  • M 179 Tambour Utility Cabinet
  • M 320 W Kneehole Desk
  • M 783 Student’s Desk
  • M 314 Student’s Desk
  • M 526 China Hutch
  • M 528 Pier Cabinet
  • M 934 Starter Chest
  • M 192 Three-Drawer Buffet
  • M 193 Credenza
  • M 539 Blanket Chest

NOTE: These feet may also be used on the earlier M 114, M 111, and M 112 bedroom pieces that had a similar, but not identical, foot.

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