Places Online to Find Classic Mid-Century Recipes

Places Online to Find Classic Mid-Century Recipes

Today, we often associate classic mid-century recipes—especially from the 1950s—with various incongruous savory ingredients mercilessly encased in Jell-O. And yes, there were some truly horrifying dishes eaten in this bygone era.

There were, however, also plenty of comforting, tasty dishes that graced the tables of the times. If you’re nostalgic for some of the foods you grew up with in the ’40s, ’50s, or ’60s, or if you’d like to explore the cuisine of a previous generation, or if you’re thinking of hosting a retro-themed party, perhaps you’d like some online resources for finding classic mid-century recipes.

Well, you’re in luck; we’ve rounded up a few great websites and web pages where you can find them. You’ll see everything from the highly questionable to the utterly delectable. Bon appétit!

Collections of Classic Mid-Century Recipes

  • Mid-Century Menu is a fun site dedicated to foods from the era, complete with a full section of recipes. The site creator even documents the process of testing and tasting many of them.
  • Flour Child is a simple site with a whole lot of recipes from the mid-century years for every meal, as well as cocktails. Some of the recipes are tweaked with a modern touch.
  • In the Vintage Kitchen has a wide range of recipes from the 1900s through the 1970s. So, while it extends a bit beyond our parameters, you’ll find many classic mid-century recipes here.
  • The Daily Meal has collected a bunch of retro casserole and other recipes here.
  • Vice has a collection of delicious retro recipes here.

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