Photo Roundup: Where to See Pictures of Mid-Century Modern Houses

Photo Roundup: Where to See Pictures of Mid-Century Modern Houses

If you’re anything like us—and we think that you are—you love looking at pictures of mid-century modern houses on the web.

There’s nothing quite like taking a photo tour of the stunning, distinctly charming residential architecture of the times—not to mention virtually wandering through the cozily nostalgic interiors of time capsule homes—all from the comfort of your seat. Presumably a chair like this one, since you have such fine taste.

It can be quite inspirational, too. It’s not uncommon while perusing pictures of mid-century modern houses to spot something in the setup or décor that gives you an excellent idea for your own home. So really, scrolling through and closely inspecting all those images, detail by detail, isn’t just some time-suck; it’s research. Your boss will understand.

To facilitate your important research, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pages for viewing photos of mid-century modern homes. Enjoy!

Place to See Pictures of Mid-Century Modern Houses

Mid-Century Home

This is one of the best sites around for fans of mid-century modern architecture and furniture. For the purposes of this post, we direct your attention to a few pages:

  • Mid-Century Homes – Go here for photos of houses from the era
  • Modern Homes – Go here for pictures of contemporary homes built with heavy mid-century modern influence
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Houses – Go here to see homes designed by this legendary mid-century modern architect
  • Eichler Houses – Go here to see homes designed by another icon of the era, Joseph Eichler

MCM Daily

Have you ever poked around this website devoted to mid-century modern architecture, designers, homes, furniture, photographers, and more? If not, you’re missing out. There’s so much great material to browse, and don’t miss the mid-century modern homes category.

Retro Renovation

This site is a great resource for people interested in bringing the mid-century modern look to life in their own home. It also has a page featuring time capsule homes with lots of pictures of mid-century modern houses to explore.


Dwell is dedicated to inspiring home design, and mid-century modern homes often work their way into the content. For example, take a look at “47 Midcentury Modern Homes Across America” and click on each photo to see more of the individual homes. Also, visit “10 Timeless Midcentury Modern Homes” and click on each one to explore it more thoroughly.

No Patter Required

Here’s a fun website celebrating homes, fashion, décor, advertising, art, and lots of other aspects of mid-century culture and times. Head to its time capsule homes page, where they feature exterior and interior pictures of mid-century modern houses for sale.


There are endless hours of fun browsing profiles and photo tours of mid-century modern homes for sale on Curbed. And who knows, maybe you’ll even stumble across your next home if you’re in the market!

William Pitt and Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty

This Sotheby’s affiliate brokerage handles pricey real estate in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. It just so happens that the website lets you sort listed properties by “mid-century modern,” and the homes are absolutely stunning—and on the pricey side. It’s well worth a look to indulge your fantasies of buying a home from the era for a few mill.

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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