Scam Alert Note on Craigslist and ZipRecruiter

As we reported recently, an Internet scam is currently appearing on both Craigslist and Zip Recruiter. The scammer offers a job as a warehouse manager in the name of Heywood-Wakefield; it is “signed” by myself. The offer claims that a “sign-up bonus” of $225.00 will be sent to the applicant, which is to be used to purchase “training materials”. Of course, the checks bounce when they arrive, but apparently, the scammer is counting on people sending in their payment before they realize the check they received is no good.

 PLEASE NOTE: We are not offering any such job, and anything appearing anywhere to this effect is 100% fraudulent. Do not be fooled.

 We ask anyone affected by this scam to go to the following FBI web site and file a complaint:  We would also appreciate it if anyone receiving any e-mail connected to this scam would forward the entire e-mail to us by using the “contact Heywood-Wakefield” form on our website at


Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


Leonard Riforgiato,


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