Mid-Century Modern Style Enlivens This Imaginary Apartment Furnished by Heywood-Wakefield

Mid-Century Modern Style Enlivens This Imaginary Apartment Furnished by Heywood-Wakefield

As we’ve confessed in the past, one of our favorite hobbies is sitting around Photoshopping living spaces with Heywood-Wakefield furniture to show off mid-century modern style. It’s pretty much all we do in our free time. But we never do it when we’re supposed to be working. Really. Never.

This time, we’ve created a contemporary apartment with a prevailing mid-century modern vibe. The most dominating aspect of the visible rooms is the bursting colors of the large abstract expressionist piece hanging on the back wall. The colors are cleverly echoed with two well-placed Heywood-Wakefield area rugs, creating a beautiful flow through the space.

Beneath the painting, our popular Record Cabinet adds more mid-century modern personality. The natural hue of our Northern Yellow Birch lumber works especially well surrounded by neutral primary colors and vibrant accent colors. And we imagine that all the classic LPs inside are just as lively and invigorating as those accent colors.

Our Home Office Desk is a study in simple elegance for a study… or an office, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, or just about anywhere else in the home. Not in a bathroom, though. Its unique steam-bent drawer fronts are thoughtfully designed for easy access while seated. This is a beautiful piece at which to sit, think, and be productive, or perhaps just to gaze out the window and relax.

Speaking of sitting, that’s our fun yet elegant Cat’s Eye Dining Arm Chair at the desk. It too offers amazing versatility, successfully providing a comfortable seat in so many types of rooms in addition to dining rooms, despite its name.

Yes, the fake inhabitants of this made-up apartment still have a land line! How charming. Undoubtedly, many rotary phones have sat on Heywood-Wakefield desks over the decades. And, unlike the one in our Photoshop depiction, they were probably even plugged into phone jacks. Also, how refreshing to see that their child is engrossed in a printed book, rather than staring at a tablet screen!

OK, that’s a wrap for these rooms. If any of the furniture mentioned herein has caught your eye and tickled your fancy, just click its name to get some more information about it.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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