Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Mid-century modern lighting features are a great way to add warmth, style, and personality to any room. Having the right lighting can be the difference between creating an inviting atmosphere and just having a bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. It is difficult to find mid-century modern lighting that has the right balance of form and function. This is why many people are turning to contemporary and eclectic lighting for their décor.

Mid-Century Modern Lighting

The mid-century modern lighting trend combines both vintage elements and modern design to create a unique look. There are a variety of materials used that incorporate retro-style features, such as exposed filament bulbs, molded and bent glass shades, abstract shapes, and polished metals. Many mid-century modern pieces take on a more minimalist approach, maximizing form over function.

Selecting Lighting

When selecting lighting for your home, consider the following:

  • Design Style: The style of your home should fit in with your lighting. Sleek art deco designs work in contemporary spaces, while more rounded silhouettes will be better suited to a retro-style home.
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent bulbs are great for providing a warm and inviting atmosphere, while LED bulbs are more energy-efficient. Consider the type of light you want to achieve in the room and then select a bulb type to fit.
  • Fixture Type: Options include table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lights. Table lamps create a cozy atmosphere, while wall sconces are great for providing accent lighting.
  • Location: Think about the best placement of your lighting to serve all functions of the room. For instance, if you want to create soft illumination in the living room, use wall sconces and floor lamps to provide lighting that is directed just where you want it.

Mid-century modern lighting is the perfect way to create a cozy, yet sophisticated atmosphere in the home. By selecting the right mix of materials, bulb types, and fixture type you can have the perfect lighting to provide an inviting atmosphere. So, if you’re looking to give your home a vintage modern twist, consider adding mid-century modern lighting features to your decor.


Our company, founded in 1985, carries on the Heywood-Wakefield Modern tradition with solid wood furniture in the Mid-Century style. Our streamline style blends a subtle retro look with a contemporary desire for efficiency.

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