Mid-Century Modern Color Palettes

Mid-Century Modern Color Palettes

Mid-century modern color palettes are one of the most popular trends of the 20th century. They are warm yet vibrant colors that have been popular in interior design for many decades. The mid-century modern palette typically consists of bold, bright colors and emphasizes the simple shapes of the home. This timeless palette is perfect for homes of all sizes and can be adapted to many different styles.

Mid-Century Modern Color Palette

Mid-century modern colors typically come from the earth and feature shades of brown, green, orange, yellow, and blue. These colors can create an eye-catching combination when used together. Browns and oranges bring warmth, while blues and greens provide a bright pop of color. The color palette really comes alive when mixed metals and natural materials such as wood, leather, and marble are used. Textured elements such as rugs and throws can also be used to give a home a unique mid-century look.

Blending Styles

The mid-century modern palette is perfect for contemporary interiors as it blends with a wide variety of other colors and finishes. Designers can use it to create a retro-inspired look, making it ideal for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics. Mid-century colors are often designed to be complementary, so it is easy to create various looks by combining items from the palette.

Modern Take

The style of the mid-century modern palette also means it can be used alongside modern pieces to add character. Instead of relying on new furniture to make a room look different, mid-century colors can update an existing space. Painting furniture in mid-century colors is an easy way to achieve the look. Alternatively, adding brighter pieces such as furniture cushions, wall art, or rugs can instantly brighten a room and bring a more modern feel.


One of the great things about mid-century color palettes is that they are timeless and never go out of style. This means that no matter what type of house you have, or how many times you redecorate, mid-century colors will always have timeless appeal. The mid-century modern palette is versatile, allowing it to be used to create a range of looks and can be adapted to fit the style of any home.

No matter the color combination or the chosen pieces, mid-century modern color palettes always create eye-catching, timeless interiors. To bring the mid-century modern look into the home, it is important to research the classic colors found in the palette and create a cohesive look. Investing in pieces that show off the traditional mid-century color palette will bring the look into the 21st century.


Our company, founded in 1985, carries on the Heywood-Wakefield Modern tradition with solid wood furniture in the Mid-Century style. Our streamline style blends a subtle retro look with a contemporary desire for efficiency.

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