How to Unify Your Home With Design and Décor

How to Unify Your Home With Design and Décor

Sure, every room in your home is its own space with its own functions, look, and vibes. But they’re also part of a whole. A cohesive atmosphere throughout your property just makes the place feel homier, and it creates a better sense of flow and organization. So, we have some helpful tips on how to unify your home through design and décor decisions.

But before we proceed, a caveat: Don’t overdo it. As you look over these ideas for how to unify your home, don’t think of them as a checklist you have to complete. Use a few approaches to create cohesion, but don’t set out to tie every room together in as many ways as you can. That will just end up being weird.

Tips to Create a Cohesive Home

Here are some suggestions for how to unify your home:

  • Repeat colors and/or patterns throughout your home. This could be with wall paint colors, accent colors and items, trim colors, window and door frames, area rugs, decorative items, or other elements.
  • Repeat materials like a specific wood, stone, or metal throughout your home.
  • Stick to the same prevalent style in your rooms, such as mid-century modern, country chic, traditional, industrial, or any of the many others. This can extend to furnishings, art and decorative items, light fixtures, appliances, and lots of other aspects of how you design your living spaces.
  • Decorate all your rooms with things from the same era, movement, etc. This includes artworks and any other decorative items. You could go with a particular historical period, mid-century, art deco, abstract, contemporary, arts and crafts, or whatever style you love.
  • Hang the same window treatments in all your rooms. You could even go with different colors of the same design if that makes it easier to coordinate.
  • Use the same flooring throughout your home. This might not include every room, but even using the same flooring on each level of your home or across all the public areas goes a long way toward creating unity.
  • Install the same hardware in all your rooms, such as light switches, switch plate and outlet covers, door handles, drawer handles, cabinet knobs, etc.

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