Heywood-Wakefield Vintage Furniture Questions from Fans – #2

Heywood-Wakefield Vintage Furniture Questions from Fans – #2

An occasional series featuring inquiries from the public about vintage Heywood-Wakefield furniture


I have a round wooden rotating table with spindles that I’m trying to find the age of. Also, if possible, I’d love to know what its original costs was. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Heywood-Wakefield’s Answer

Your table is the Revolving Drum Lamp Table (model #096 08) from the Old Colony collection. It’s made of maple and features the Cinnamon finish. We don’t know what year the collection began, but the table appears in a 1972 price list at $110.00 retail, or the equivalent of roughly $630.00 today.

Old Colony was in production for a long time and it changed often. We don’t have a complete set of dated catalogs for this series. We have a couple from the 1930s, those from 1958 to 1961, and then the next two are for 1972 and 1978. Of these, only the 1972 catalog shows this model table, so a somewhat informed guess dates the table from sometime between 1970 and 1975.

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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