Dining in Style with the Heywood-Wakefield “Dog Biscuit” Dining Arm Chair

Dining in Style with the Heywood-Wakefield “Dog Biscuit” Dining Arm Chair

In case you’re not familiar with the Heywood-Wakefield “Dog Biscuit” Dining Arm Chair, we’d like to introduce you to it—though this classic is widely regarded as one of the most recognizable chairs in the world.

If you’re in the habit of regularly entertaining guests over a fabulous home-cooked meal, your dining room may very well be the epicenter of your social life. In the 1950s, Heywood-Wakefield began producing the understated, elegant piece of mid-century modern dining room furniture known as the Dining Arm Chair for stylish socialites just like you.

A Little Background

Through the 1920s, American furniture saw little innovation. So little, in fact, the Secretary of State declined US participation in the cutting-edge 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industirels Modernes in Paris.

Partly in response to this lull, in 1931, Heywood-Wakefield commissioned New York designer Count Alexis de Sakhnofsky to create some new styles. He was a leading proponent of “streamlining,” a hot concept in the ‘30s (he designed the iconic Geyhound Bus of that era), and Heywood-Wakefield thought he might breathe new life into their home furnishings designs.

Among his output was a prototype of the M 154 Dining Arm Chair, now also popularly referred to as the “Dog Biscuit” or “Dog Bone” chair, thanks to the unique shape of its upper back rest—a big part of what makes the model so instantly recognizable.

Sakhnofsky’s original design was more elongated and swooping than today’s version, and it was incredibly difficult to manufacture out of solid wood with the tools of the day. Years later, Heywood-Wakefield’s prolific post-WWII in-house designer W. Joseph Carr slightly modified the original concept and the chair we know today was put into production.

Versatility with The Heywood-Wakefield “Dog Biscuit” Dining Arm Chair

Like so many of Heywood-Wakefield’s classic items, this furniture artfully blends form and function.

Its natural wood and simple, sleek, gently curving lines make it perfect for company, while it looks perfectly at home as part of your home’s everyday décor. Its ergonomic back rest, thoughtfully designed arm rests, and luxurious cushioned seat are the epitome of comfort, making every meal and dining room conversation just a little more pleasurable.

These features also contributed to the Heywood-Wakefield Dining Arm Chair achieving second place on Elle Decor Magazine’s list of the 10 most comfortable dining chairs in the US. And we’d point out that this chair costs less than half as much as the chair that earned the only higher slot.

The Dining Arm Chair features that classic Heywood-Wakefield balance of traditional values and contemporary sensibilities, and of a simple yet stylized look. These qualities make it highly adaptable to a wide range of approaches to décor. For example, these pieces will accentuate a classic scheme or bring balance to an ultra-modern look.

Additionally, the pale natural wood offers great flexibility in matching surrounding colors and patterns. The Dog Biscuit chair is solid Northern Yellow Birch, American made, with lumber from sustainable tree farms in the US. In addition, you choose the seat fabric to perfectly coordinate with the rest of your dining room décor.

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