Decorating Contemporary Spaces with Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Decorating Contemporary Spaces with Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture has long been prized for its seamless blending of form and function. It’s both practical and artistic, and even though it rose to prominence so many decades ago, it still reflects certain contemporary values, like clean lines and letting natural beauty shine through the design. With smart planning, this mode of furniture easily finds a place in today’s homes and offices.

Alternatively, without an informed strategy, relying heavily on a famous vintage décor style like mid-century modern can leave your space looking dated—perhaps even like a time capsule of a bygone era many of us fondly remember growing up in.

Use the following tips to successfully incorporate a pleasantly nostalgic, stylish feel into a fully modern look for your home or office.

Offset Wood Hues with Colors or Patterns

High-quality, beautifully grained wood is a hallmark of mid-century modern furniture. It offers natural, simple, understated accents throughout any room that are easy to coordinate with. For example, our high-grade Northern Yellow Birch lumber and attractive Amber finish complement a wide array of colors and patterns. In particular, vibrant elements around the room balance the attention between the vintage and contemporary flair.

Use Other Simple Major Elements

Just because some of your furniture is mid-century modern, that certainly doesn’t mean it all has to be. In fact, sticking exclusively to the style is bound to make your home or office appear dated. But the style’s solid, simple look is easy to match with a variety of other simple furnishings, even sleek ultra-modern looks. By keeping all the major pieces in a room simple, the mid-century modern furniture blends in with the rest of them for an overall sense of deliberate simplicity.

Hang Retro Art

This is an approach for those of you whose personal style leans retro. The mid-century modern period teemed with amazing art, from abstract expressionism to minimalism to psychedelic and pop art. The furniture you know and love from the period happens to pair well with all of it. By echoing the furnishings’ retro feel with complementary wall hangings, you craft a deliberately retro vibe that offers whimsy and personality in place of dated décor.

Mix with Modern Industrial

Adding mid-century modern furniture to a modern industrial space creates a wowing juxtaposition that brings any room to life in interesting ways, especially if you’re in an urban setting. Modern industrial accessories also work well with mid-century modern furniture. The natural characteristics of the vintage elements and the man-made characteristics of these two simple styles play off each other in ways that are both fun and sophisticated at the same time.

Mid-Century Modern Is a Classic

And classic never goes out of style. Decorating with mid-century modern furniture adds a natural, timeless touch to any home or office room. Peruse the beautiful pieces in our furniture catalog for inspiration to reimagine your contemporary spaces in ways that surprise and delight.

Take a look at our famous high-quality, solid wood furniture that seamlessly blends a classic mid-century modern look with contemporary style.

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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