Custom Solid Wood Bookshelves: Heywood-Wakefield’s Tall Bookcase

Custom Solid Wood Bookshelves: Heywood-Wakefield’s Tall Bookcase

Some months back, we wrote about some of our bookshelf customization options, and we’ve had an enthusiastic response since making more people aware of the possibilities. Custom solid wood bookshelves are a wonderful storage and display option for the home, especially when they’re of the unmatched quality and charming mid-century modern style that Heywood-Wakefield is famous for.

In particular, there’s been lots of interest in—and questions about—altering our M 321 T Tall Bookcase. So, we thought we’d offer a little more information about customizing this popular and versatile piece.

Customizing Heywood-Wakefield’s Tall Bookcase

This model can be produced in almost any combination of sizes you may need. The standard piece is 36″ wide, 78″ tall, and 11″ deep. But if you need it in different dimensions—or need several of various sizes—to fit a particular location in your home, we can usually do this.

There are just a few practical restrictions:

The width generally can’t exceed 40″, due to the difficulty of packing and shipping a unit that would qualify as “oversized.” At more than 40″ wide, it becomes subject to special pricing by most carriers, making it too expensive to ship. In a case where greater width is needed, it’s better—and more cost effective—to make two smaller units.

Also, the height can be adjusted downward, but 78″ is usually the maximum that can be accommodated by carriers. In cases where extra height is desired, it ‘s better for us to build the unit in such a way that it can be shipped in two pieces and assembled on-site.

Depth can be adjusted as well. For instance, we’ve custom built quite a few of these at varying heights for record collectors; standard vinyl records require 14″ of depth.

We can also install doors on the bottom section, as seen on the M 326 Cabinet Bookcase. Or, if it’s a corner unit you’re after, we can produce the M 322 Corner Bookcase in custom heights.

Finally, we can stain your custom solid wood bookshelves to match any non-Heywood-Wakefield furniture you have in the room, such as walnut, cherry, etc. We can even build the bookcases with a different type of lumber if you prefer.

In short, the M 321 T Tall Bookcase is a versatile piece you can customize to meet the needs of your home. Why not call us to discuss your own project?

Custom bookcases!

If you need custom solid wood bookshelves, send us a message or give us a call to discuss what you're looking for.


Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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