Ask Yourself These Questions Before Planning an Interior Redesign

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Planning an Interior Redesign

If you’re planning an interior redesign of your home, it’s important that you think certain things through before you get started. Trying to pull off a major redesign piece by piece without an overarching strategy is a recipe for disaster. A final vision is essential, as is a clear map for how you’re going to get there.

So, when you’re about to start planning an interior redesign, there are some important questions to ask yourself up front—and answer. They’ll provide direction, prevent wasted time and money, and help ensure that the finished product delivers exactly what you wanted from the project. In other words, use them to make sure that the process is enjoyable and that you’re happy with the results.

Initial Considerations for Planning an Interior Redesign

  • Can you tackle this on your own? The first thing to consider is whether you should consult a professional interior designer. Be honest with yourself. Not everyone has an eye for this stuff. If you are going to proceed on your own and you’re new at this, at least spend some time reading up on basic interior design best practices.
  • Why are you planning an interior redesign? Are you just bored with particular spaces? Are you trying to improve functionality in specific rooms? Are you listing your home for sale in the near future and trying to boost buyer appeal? Understanding the motives helps define your goals and solidify your vision.
  • How will the finished space look? Once you’ve explored your motives, proceed with defining your goals and solidifying your vision. Know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. While some small details will probably be worked out during the process, determine what all the major elements will be and how they’ll fit together.
  • What’s your dominant aesthetic? Sure, you can mix and match different styles, but there should be a top-level aesthetic tying everything together. Are you going for a minimalist feel? Do you want the primary character to be industrial? Mid-century modern? Contemporary?
  • What do you love about the current space? Just because you’re planning an interior redesign, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some current aspects that you appreciate. Carry these forward in your project.
  • What do you hate about the current space? And, of course, the flip side is identifying the things that absolutely must change. Figure out how to eliminate them, and how to more successfully replace them.
  • What are your priorities for the new space? Whether it’s more light, happier colors, a reading nook, better feng shui, a new entertainment center, or whatever else, create a list of must-haves to guide the project.
  • How are you budgeting the redesign? This is one of the more tangible questions to address up front. Know how much you have to spend. Start budgeting by accounting for your must-haves and seeing how much is left for everything else. Assign costs and know where the money’s going.

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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