Heywood-Wakefield –Looking Back

In 1897, two prominent furniture companies, Heywood Brothers (est. 1826) and Wakefield Company (est. 1855) merged to create Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company; the name would be shortened to Heywood-Wakefield in 1921. The new company rose to particular popularity in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s with its solid wood, Art Deco-inspired mid-century modern furniture.

Heywood Wakefield – Looking Forward

In 1992, South Beach Furniture Company acquired the rights to the Heywood-Wakefield name. After quickly learning just how in demand vintage HW pieces were, production began on new pieces that remained true to the style, quality, and values of the original company. Today's Heywood-Wakefield is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the name and its famous pieces while incorporating new technology and contemporary tastes, allowing new generations to fall in love with a classic look from a classic company.

A Few Words About Heywood-Wakefield Manufacturing

All of today's Heywood-Wakefield furniture is American-grown and American-made from 100 percent Northern Yellow Birch, the same wood used for the company's highly-sought vintage furniture. We acquire our lumber from sawmills that practice sustainable forestry by adhering to environmental regulations and public policies designed to protect our forests. Because our current finish is lighter and more transparent than the original, we now use an even higher grade of lumber for many furniture components for the most appealing natural look.

Our furniture is made of solid wood. We don't use veneer, and particle board or plywood are only used in very few instances for minor features, namely drawer dividers and backings for case goods. Strength and durability are ensured by cutting individual furniture components from a single piece of hand-selected lumber and by only using the sturdiest reinforced joining methods.

Today's Amber finish is lighter than the original Wheat and Champagne finishes. It was specially designed for us to recreate the look of vintage HW furniture that has been stripped and refinished in a natural color. The Milesi pre-catalyzed lacquer finish technology offers superior protection compared to the older nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, ensuring your furniture retains its beauty for years to come. All of today's pieces are still finished by hand, just as the vintage pieces were.

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Solid wood furniture from
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