A Peaceful Imaginary Bedroom Furnished by Heywood-Wakefield

A Peaceful Imaginary Bedroom Furnished by Heywood-Wakefield

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A place to pursue harmony with yourself, your environment, and your life. To illustrate the point, we’ve concocted another imaginary room decked out with Heywood-Wakefield furniture using the ancient Far East mystical art of Photoshop.

Pictured above, a young woman attains a Zen state, acutely attuned to her inner peace. How is it that she’s able to achieve such profound, deep-seated stillness in our hectic modern world?

By meditating on the mid-century modern classic StyleMaster Bed, surrounded by plenty of other Heywood-Wakefield home furnishings, of course.

Notice how all the gorgeous, high-grade Northern Yellow Birch wood creates a tranquil, natural environment in this fake bedroom. Appreciate how it unifies with the plants. Lose yourself in the way the sunlight sings off the the surfaces of the furniture… It’s almost like this woman has already reached Nirvana.

Sorry. Yes, we get a little carried away sometimes.

Yet there’s certainly something about the elegant, minimalist look of this room that creates a peaceful atmosphere—the sort of room that helps lull you to sleep and sweet dreams.

The Lamp Tables with Drawer artfully combine curves and angles—a hallmark of mid-century modern design—functioning as nightstands and each offering a full-size drawer and two useful display spaces. The open, slim appearance accentuate the airy feel of this blissful bedroom.

And no bedroom is complete without a dresser; here the Encore Double Chest plays the role to great acclaim. Its extra height and reduced width make it ideal for smaller rooms and those like this one with little wall space. It allows our fictitious inhabitant to enjoy all the fictitious natural light and breeziness afforded by the numerous, delightful, large fictitious windows.

Next to the dresser sits our charming, simple Vanity Seat. This young lady is to be applauded for making the bold decision to purchase one even though she has no vanity at which to sit. Because she has transcended vanity and ego, perhaps, or because she had the eye and the instincts to realize it makes a nice, practical accessory for the room. We agree wholeheartedly.

We also can’t help but notice how wonderfully this particular area rug ties the room together. And not only because we chose it. Its natural browns play well with the wood furniture, plants, and other room décor, while the darker tones and fun circular patterns add visual appeal.

If you click the links above, you can further investigate the Heywood-Wakefield furnishings used in this image. Feel free to look around your own bedroom and envision how these pieces would add style and tranquility to your own bedroom.

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Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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