15 Quick Tips to Protect Furniture from Pets

15 Quick Tips to Protect Furniture from Pets

Pets are great. And so is quality furniture. But the two don’t always play so nicely together. If you have dogs or cats, you’re probably aware that their claws, teeth, hair, and propensity for repeatedly curling up in the same spot for naps can pose some risks to wood, upholstery fabrics, and other materials.

Don’t despair! You don’t have to choose between your pets and your furniture! Instead, take a look at these simple, practical ways to protect your furniture from pets. They’ll help keep your home furnishings looking (and smelling) good, and in good shape.

How to Protect Furniture from Pets

  1. Use a sheet, blanket, or slipcover on your furniture for protection you can easily remove to clean or when company’s coming over.
  1. Place a cozy dog bed or enclosed cat house near furniture you’d prefer your pet didn’t lounge around on.
  1. Keep a towel near the door where your dog or cat comes in from outside and wipe her paws before re-entry.
  1. Put your cat’s favorite type of scratching post near furniture she might be tempted to drag her claws down.
  1. Mist a little bitter apple spray or another pet-safe and material-safe deterrent on wood furniture if you have a puppy who hasn’t learned not to chew yet.
  1. Provide your dog with a variety of chew toys and switch them out occasionally so she doesn’t tire of them.
  1. Make sure dogs and cats get plenty of physical and mental stimulation through toy variety and play; boredom is a leading cause of chewing and scratching.
  1. Train your dog or cat to stay off beds, couches, chairs, ottomans, or other pieces of furniture you don’t want her on.
  1. Have a cat tree by a window in rooms with furniture you prefer your cat didn’t lie around on.
  1. Flip or rotate cushions regularly if your pet favors one particular area to prevent excessive wear in the same spot.
  1. Close the blinds or curtains when sun hits a piece of furniture and lures your pet there to flop over.
  1. Wipe down or vacuum furniture surfaces regularly to remove pet hair and dander. Having a lint roller on hand is convenient too.
  1. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed.
  1. Groom your pet at least once per week to keep loose and shedding hair under control.
  1. Have your upholstery professionally cleaned every year or two.

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