15 Great Reasons to Buy Solid Wood Furniture from Heywood-Wakefield

15 Great Reasons to Buy Solid Wood Furniture from Heywood-Wakefield

Here at Heywood-Wakefield, we take enormous pride in our products, and in the legacy of our company’s name, which dates back to the 1800s. We’re honored to continue this legacy of producing the highest-quality, most beautiful mid-century modern home furnishings.

While we generally like to keep it humble, we hope you’ll forgive us a quick dalliance with tooting our own horn. We work hard at every step in our process to deliver unmatched quality and service, and would like to present what we believe are some pretty compelling reasons to buy solid wood furniture from us.

As always, thanks for reading and sharing in a love of all things mid-century modern!

Why Buy Solid Wood Furniture from Us?

  1. Our superior level of furniture craftsmanship and highest quality lumber doesn’t just create beautiful pieces—it creates pieces that last for over 100 years.
  1. Furnishing your home with Heywood-Wakefield means being part of a renowned furniture legacy integral to mid-century modern style.
  1. We’ll work with you whenever possible to customize the perfect piece of solid wood furniture for your needs.
  1. We are committed to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
  1. Choose from our extensive selection of fabrics for your furniture upholstery, or send us any other fabric of you choosing.
  1. All Heywood-Wakefield furniture is made in the US.
  1. We have advanced technology to color-match your order to other non-Heywood-Wakefield furniture or décor in your home.
  1. All of Heywood-Wakefield’s lumber comes from sustainable, environmentally responsible US tree farms where at least one tree is planted for each one harvested.
  1. You’ll reap all these benefits of buying solid wood furniture.
  1. When you call us with questions or to place an order, you’ll always speak to one of our on-site professionals—not an automated system or outsourced assistance.
  1. Our Northern Yellow Birch furniture is versatile enough to mix and match with other types of wood and wood finishes.
  1. Heywood-Wakefield’s mid-century modern furniture offers an ideal combination of style and comfort.
  1. Our elegant furniture is one aspect of mid-century modern style that’s always en vogue.
  1. Heywood-Wakefield furniture adds lots of mid-century modern personality to your home, while being subtle enough to combine with elements from all sorts of other styles and periods.
  1. When you buy solid wood furniture from us, you’re investing in a happy, healthy, more natural home!

Looking for beautiful solid wood furniture?

Take a look at all the high-quality mid-century modern pieces available from Heywood-Wakefield.



Leonard Riforgiato is a successful furniture manufacturing entrepreneur, a Miami resident, and co-owner of legacy furniture company Heywood-Wakefield.

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